murmelnv. to mumble or murmur; n. marbles

murmeln is Ben Osborn, multi-instrumentalist and award-winning composer and writer.

Ben Osborn’s soundtracks and sound designs have won the Cameron Mackintosh Award, the Methuen Drama Emerging Artists Award, the Peter Brooke Empty Space Award and a Manchester Theatre Award. His critically acclaimed libretti have been performed at London’s National Portrait Gallery, the Bristol Proms and the RCM Britten theatre among others. He is a co-founder of and teacher at Berlin’s Open Music Lab, a free school for refugee musicians.

murmeln blends ambient electronica and bittersweet pop with modern classical and folk influences. The 2017 debut EP Murmeln um Schiffland was simultaneously released as a book of poems and drawings by Bristol’s Moot Press, and a five-track audio download on Berlin’s WANDA Portal. Produced by Berlin artist yr lovely dead moon and mastered by cult songwriter-producer Emperor X, it includes collaborations with songwriter-harpist Rowan Coupland. murmeln’s upcoming debut album on Alex Stolze’s Nonostar Records promises a move toward piano-led classically inspired arrangements and electronic vistas.

murmeln is proud to be supported by Asylum Arts